Wakesurfection sells the best quality boats for wakeboarding, wakesurfing or just general cruising. Its no problem if you're a beginner to wakeboarding or wakesurfing, since we will provide free unlimited coaching for every boat sold. New to driving a boat? Don’t worry, we will teach you how to drive. If you're already riding the waves, we can hone your skills, introduce you to surface tricks and improve your jumps.

香港冲浪学院公司只出售最优质的MBSports快艇。我们的快艇可以用于滑水,冲浪和一般海上活动与派对。 如果你是初学者,别担心!因为我们将为每艘出售的快艇提供免费的,无上限的滑水和冲浪课程。 不懂驾驶快艇?别担心!我们会教你怎么开快艇。 如果你已经懂得滑水和冲浪, 我们可以让你的冲浪技术更上一层楼, 比如改善你的跳跃和滑水冲浪的姿势。

Our boats are top quality, made in USA MBSports inboard speedboat designed for wakeboarding and wakesurfing. The MBSports boats delivers the best waves to surf on and an awesome wake to jump off. Best of all, it comes equipped with a Fresh Air Exhaust which sends any dangerous exhaust fumes deep into the water allowing you to wakesurf safely free from carbon monoxide.

我们的MBSports快艇拥有最顶级的质量。MBSports快艇的生产工序全在美国加州进行。所有的生产工序都符合严格的加州生产标准。MBSports快艇专为滑水和冲浪而设计。它可以制造最好的冲浪波浪,让你在波浪上持续的前进。 最重要的是,它配备了顶级的排气装置,可将危险的废气排入水中。




Learn to wakesurf and wakeboard. We also teach scuba diving and paddleboarding. We welcome all levels and specialise in getting beginners riding the wake in no time!



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We are the Asia Pacific dealers for leading wakeboats. Innovative design combined with an appealing price point. We can also help with financing and maintenance packages to ensure stress free boat ownership.



Come experience the Wakesurfection difference. Learn, laugh and have a great time on the water with us.

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