Great you're nearly ready to get to the water. Just pay your deposit using either the paypal buttons or just send us an email and we'll send you a paypal request via email. You don't need a paypal account in order to pay - you just need a credit card.


please follow the simple steps below.

1. Give us a call on 94022260 or email us at, and let us know when you would like to ride.

2. Pay the right deposit amount by selecting the number of hours you will ride with the paypal buttons. This should be the same number of hours as mentioned in your booking .

3. Once you click "Pay Now" you will be brought to the paypal website. Please enter your credit card details or login to your paypal account.

4. Once you've entered your credit card details or logged in, please pay the required deposit. Don't forget to enter your name, date and time of booking into the "Add Business" information section.


1 hour booking - $200 deposit

$200 Deposit - 1 hour booking

2 hour booking - $400 deposit

$400 Deposit - 2 hour booking

3 or more hour booking - $600 deposit

$600 Deposit-3hr or more

5. Please pay the remaining balance after your lesson with cash.


Paypal is one of the most secure ways to pay people over the internet. It is widely used by websites such as ebay.  Paypal takes billing security seriously and I'm very confident that you'll be absolutely fine making payments through Paypal. If you have any problems paying or your still worried about using the internet, please call me on 94022260



1. 請致電 9220 3655 或電郵, 讓我們知道你的預約時間和時段

2. 請使用以上的按鈕預付適當訂金–按照你選擇的預約時段

一小時 : $200.00


三小时或以上: $600

3. 當按“PAY NOW”會自動連接到PAYPAL網上,


4. 請支付正確價格的訂金。

不要忘記在“Add Business“上提供你的姓名,預約日期和預約時間。

5. 學費的餘款請在下課時全付現金。


PAYPAL 是全球上一種最安全的網上付費方式。全球有很多大形的網上訂購公司都採用(如Ebay)。

如有任何有關付款問題或如擔心使用網上付費方式,請致電我們 9220 3655.

你們準備 好了參加這個最新的水上運動? 請馬上預約和支付訂金。