Most innovative boats on the market

After spending a large amount of time and effort on research & development, we have created the first diesel wakeboarding boat. The diesel engine has been made by Mercury Marine, the global leader in marine engines. Diesel engines have greater fuel efficiency than petrol engines and great torque for wakeboarding & wakesurfing.  Diesel has better pricing than petrol across Asia Pacific and is perfect for people wakesurfing or wakeboarding in Hong Kong or Australia. Since the engine, transmission and computers are made by Mercury Marine, you can expect service anywhere in the world by qualified technicians. 

We've made boat buying easy by providing feature rich boats and pricing them just right.

If you need help with finance, boat insurance or performing maintenance, please let us know. We have great maintenance and financing plans and can assist with locating boat storage facilities and captains.  

Learn about Epic's superior handling thanks to its fly by wire controls & dual vector steering

EPIC BOATS have the following features:

  • 1st diesel engine wakeboarding boat providing greater torque and fuel efficiency. Diesel outperforms petrol with greater fuel economy and best of all it has been independently verified  by You can find there report here:
  • 1 year warranty from Mercruiser's qualified technicians for its Mercruiser engines as well as a minor service after the 1st 20 hours. 
  • Dual vector (dual rudder) steering and fly by wire controls give you superior handling
  • Innovative hull design that maximises the size of the wake

Fantastic pricing

Starting from HKD490,000 (petrol model), Epic boats are perfect for those that want an affordable, robust wakesurfing boat. If you haven't driven inboards before, this will include 10 hours of training on how to drive, park & maintain your boat

Learn about Epic's diesel engines

Great wakesurfing features

  • A massive 4000 lbs ballast means we can make a huge wake in a short time, so you can get riding faster. The lighter resin infused hull allows us to use build ballast tanks all throughout the boat hull. Since the ballast tanks are underneath the hull floor, valuable storage space that would be taken up by ballast bags and ballast tanks can now be used to store your gear. 
  • Fast fill ballast system. Instead of using slow pumps, Epic boats use a system of wake gates. To fill up your boat, just press the button, the wake gates open and water floods into the tanks. When it's time to empty, just open the gates again and start driving. Gravity will do the rest of the work and tanks will quickly empty
  • Port and starboard surf trim tab technology puts you in total control of the wake (size, length)
  • Fresh air exhaust sends any boat exhaust deep underwater and away from your face
  • Transom mounted speakers so you can listen to your favourite tunes while wakeboarding or wakesurfing. Transom mounted speakers are much better than tower mounted speakers since you can never knock your head against tower mounted speakers when you get on board. 


  • Low maintenance foam flooring
  • Marine grade vinyl seats
  • Huge storage space under the seats and the stern has large port and starboard storage lockers
  • Seating for 14 people

Learn about Epic's innovative ballast system 

Engines, steering & construction

Powerful Mercruiser engines with an option for fuel efficient and cash saving diesel engines. Mercruisers have plenty of service centres and have been one of the leaders in the marine industry for many years. 
Precision propulsion steering thanks to the unique dual rudder steering system
Resin infused composite construction which is stronger than regular fibreglass hulls

A well designed dashboard making it very easy for you to control all features

We have two models: the 21 foot 21V and 23 foot 23V. All boats are 100% hand made in Louisiana, USA and you can ask for custom options. 

Learn about Epic's resin infused hull technology





EPIC BOATS 是专门为冲浪而设计的快艇





海绵地板——轻巧,柔软, 耐用。



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