MB Sports is a premier boutique wakeboat manufacturer. Rather than focusing on mass production, big budgets and acquisitions of other boat companies, MB Sports focuses on what is important: providing the best boats for the best price.

Have a look at our video showcasing the innovative features of the MBSports B52


Strong hulls for tough marine conditions

Hulls are made using a resin infusion process. This technique is used by the aerospace industry. Experienced technicians would create a vacuum over the hull skeleton which would draw resin evenly and smoothly over the hull surface ensuring a strong and durable hull which is essential to handle Asia-Pacific’s tough marine conditions


Fuel efficient & high torque diesel engines

In Asia-Pacific, diesel has the benefit of cheaper pricing, better fuel efficiency and more torque. Engines are sourced from Germany and owners love the benefits of precision German engineering providing lower maintenance and superior performance


Fast fill sub-floor ballast system

MB Boats has up to 5200lbs of ballast. Normally this would take a long time to fill & draing but the innovative ballast system uses manifolds below the waterline which are several times bigger than normal ballast hoses. The large manifolds allow water to flood into 3000lbs tanks located under the floor saving lots of space. For the wakesurfing enthusiasts, 2200lbs ballast bags can be added to rear lockers.