MB Sports is a premier boutique wakeboat manufacturer. Rather than focusing on mass production, big budgets and acquisitions of other boat companies, MB Sports focuses on what is important: providing the best boats for the best price. MB Sports是一家顶级的精品快艇制造商。 MB Sports不是专注于大规模生产,大预算和其他船公司的收购,而是专注于重要的事情:以最优惠的价格提供最好的快艇。

Have a look at our video showcasing the innovative features of the MBSports B52. 看看我们的视频,感受MBSports B52的创新功能


Strong hulls for tough marine conditions

Hulls are made using a resin infusion process. This technique is used by the aerospace industry. Experienced technicians would create a vacuum over the hull skeleton which would draw resin evenly and smoothly over the hull surface ensuring a strong and durable hull which is essential to handle Asia-Pacific’s tough marine conditions

船体采用树脂灌注技术。 此技术被航空航天工业广泛使用。 经验丰富的技术人员首先会把船体骨架抽真空,真空骨架可以让船体树脂均匀平滑地覆盖船体表面,从而打造出坚固耐用的船体。这对于应付亚太地区苛刻的海洋环境至关重要。


Fuel efficient & high torque diesel engines

In Asia-Pacific, diesel has the benefit of cheaper pricing, better fuel efficiency and more torque. Engines are sourced from Germany and owners love the benefits of precision German engineering providing lower maintenance and superior performance

在亚太地区,柴油的价格更便宜,燃油效率更高,可提供更大的动力。 发动机来自德国,承袭精密德国工程的优点,发动机不但容易保养,还备有卓越的性能。


Fast fill sub-floor ballast system

MB Boats has up to 5200lbs of ballast. Normally this would take a long time to fill & draing but the innovative ballast system uses manifolds below the waterline which are several times bigger than normal ballast hoses. The large manifolds allow water to flood into 3000lbs tanks located under the floor saving lots of space. For the wakesurfing enthusiasts, 2200lbs ballast bags can be added to rear lockers.

B52可承载5400磅的压载物。 MBBoats最引人入胜的部分在于它的重力进给快速填充压载系统。首先打开大约4英寸的大闸阀,允许大量的水进入压载舱直到当水位到达水管线下方。您不会再使用一般慢速泵来缓慢地填充压载舱。 2800磅水将会在2.5分钟或更短时间内填满。如果你想要制造更强大的浪花, 您可以升级MBBoats的设备。除了额外在船头配备了400磅的前压载袋外,你可以分别在港口和右舷后部储物柜中增加了2200磅压载袋。