Moomba provides the perfect alternative for those that want a more cost effective boat - perfect for wakeboarding and wakesurfing but also great for just cruising around the islands of Hong Kong. 

Dean Smith is a world champion wakeboarder who was sponsored by Tige, Nautique and Ronix. Its great to hear to his views on the Supra and Moomba boats

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Autowake2 ballast system

For those that want a perfect wake every time, ask for the Autowake 2 ballast system. Designed originally for the supra, this year's Moombas also have the fast fill and continual smart ballast adjustment system. Combine this with 3000lbs of ballast for a perfect wake

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Flow 2 or Flow 3 system

The Flow 3 system was developed for the Supra and again is available for this year's Moombas. The cost conscious boater can still get a great wake with the Flow 2 system 

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Plenty of models to fit your budget

With 6 different Moombas, you will find a boat that meets your budget. Starting from the 20' 5" Moomba Helix to the wake making machine which is the Moomba Mojo Pro

曼巴马克 冲浪快艇 - 二零一九年新


  • 由于拥有四千斤压载所以有多空间。是冲浪快艇内最大的压载。
  • 七圈摸屏给你容易控制Autowake压载系统和Flow2.0 浪控制器。这两个控制器给你每次完美的浪
  • 后排的走姿可以可逆给你看到冲浪
  • 专业的船台给你空间放多几片冲浪板
  • 拥有一台Ford Indmar 四百马力的引擎, 可以提新到四百五十马力。加上冲浪螺旋桨, 你会拥有一台有动力的快艇
  • 设计用在海上。快艇用一途关闭冷却系统把所有的海水排出引擎。还有用盐水冲洗套件把盐水冲洗出来
  • 市场中之一最大的冲浪快艇长二十六点五尺让你带多一点朋友们。大快艇做出来大的冲浪。
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