Learn how to scuba dive in Hong Kong, Philippines or Micronesia

Our scuba instructor is a Master Scuba Dive Trainer which means he has taught a large number of students and can teach a wide range of speciality scuba courses. He has taught beginner students all the way to divemasters and rescue divers. He is trained in marine rescue and has been diving across the world from the Galapagos to the Great Barrier Reef.


Already a certified diver? Why not learn a speciality course like deep diving which allows you to dive to 40metres or self-reliant diving where you can diving without a buddy. The self-reliant diver course is great for underwater photographers who need to spend a large amount of time taking underwater photos that buddies may not enjoy

为什么不学习更专业的课程? 如深潜潜水员课程或独行侠潜水员课程?深潜潜水员课程让您可以深潜到40米深的海底。报读独行侠潜水员课程, 让您可以独立地潜水。独立潜水员课程非常适合需要花费大量时间拍摄水下照片的水下摄影师。

Want to capture those magic moments when diving? Why not take a underwater photography course. If you are interested in exploring the wrecks of World War 2 in Philippines or Micronesia, our instructor will teach you Enriched Air diving which increases your no-decompression limits allowing you to dive deeper for a longer period of time. He will also teach you wreck diving and how to penetrate wrecks safely.

如果你想要拍摄水下照片, 想要在潜水时捕捉那些神奇的瞬间, 为什么不参加水下摄影课程

如果您有兴趣探索菲律宾或密克罗尼西亚第二次世界大战的残骸, 您可以报读沉船潜水员课程。他还会教你在沉船残骸中潜水以及如何安全地穿越沉船。


Palau has one of the most famous dive sites in the world such as Big Drop-off which was one of Jacques Cousteau's favourite dive sites. It has all the famous wildlife big & small. From manta rays, bumphead parrotfish, napoleon wrasse and as the first country to create a shark sanctuary, it is one of the best places in the world for shark diving. 

With friendly turtles & crystal clear water, its a photographer's paradise. If you want to learn underwater photography or improve your skills, we are happy to certify you with a PADI underwater photographer course. Underwater photography skills are greatly improved with improved buoyancy and we would love to teach you the PADI peak performance buoyancy course. 

If you are interested in macro photography, Palau has the famous mandarin fish and the most colourful nudibranchs


It also has great diversity of dive sites such as:

  • Historical World War 2 wrecks to explore such as Helmet Wreck & Iro Maru. If you have seen enough shipwrecks, we also have fighter plane wrecks such as Jake's Seaplane & the Zeke fighter

  • The beautiful Chandelier Cave. This majestic cave can only be accessed by divers and the divers can cross into 4 different chambers, surface in each of them and take in the wonderful sights of each chamber

  • The amazing Blue Holes - 4 tunnels at the top of the reef ending in a large cavern that opens out into the side of the reef

We stay on one of the best boats in Palau with fantastic food, 4 or 5 dives/day, 2 jacuzzis, unlimited use of the kayaks & access to some of the best dive sites well before any of the day trip divers arrive.

If the conditions are right, you can even see large schools of pilot whales


Our instructor is a Master Scuba Diver Trainer which is awarded to the most experienced PADI scuba instructors who can teach a wide range of speciality scuba skills.  These handy videos provide information on the key skills that you will need to master when you learn how to scuba dive.