Supra boats are the premier wakesurfing & wakeboarding boats. With the Swell Surf 3.0 and Autowake 2 system, this is the premier boat for serious wakeboarders and wakesurfers. 

Autowake2 Ballast system

The premier system for adjust your wake to exactly your specifications. The Autowake 2 perfectly measures and adjusts your wake for the best ride. Once the boat is in motion, it continues to adjust the wake by continually draining and filling the ballast bags to reduce unnecessary boat rolling but still maintaining a fantastic wake

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Swell Surf 3 System

The Swell Surf 3 System can easily allow a wakesurfer to switch from goofy to regular or vice versa at the press of a button. The system can also be set to quick launch, to get your boat on the plane and moving gaster

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Wide variety of models to suit your budget

With the SR model starting at 20' 11" to the SE model at 24' 6"
Supra have 4 different models to suit your budget. 

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Dean Smith is a world champion wakeboarder who was sponsored by Tige, Nautique and Ronix. Its great to hear to his views on the Supra and Moomba boats